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Sacramento's 23rd Annual Darwin Day Educational Gala & Annual Speaker Series

Speaker:  Sal Manna, author of Glorious Trees: Alfred Russel Wallace in California

Fees: $10 advance purchase, $15 day-of

Sunday, February 9 2020

2:30 to 4:30PM

La Sierra Community Center

5325 Engle Road, #100

Carmichael CA 95608

Speaker Info

In 1887, one of the most famous men of science in the world visited California. Englishmen Alfred Russel Wallace conceptualized around the same time as Darwin "the survival of the fittest" - cornerstone of natural selection and the theory of evolution.

In Glorious Trees: Alfred Russel Wallace in California, Salvatore John Manna chronicles for the first time his nearly 2 month sojourn in Northern California, from San Francisco to Stockton; from his visits to the wonders of Yosemite and the Calaveras Big Trees to his meeting with pivotal figures like John Muir and Leland Stanford; from a sensational seance and his support of Spiritualism to his lectures on Darwinism.

Manna is a graduate of the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University and founder and president of the nonprofit Society for the Preservation of West Calaveras History.


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Advance purchase $10,  $15 dollars at the door.   

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